Division J LLC specializes in helping your small business grow with custom websites builds and social media marketing designed around your products and services.

"Division J is a wonderful team, they have unmatched follow thru, and are very creative with making ideas an actual reality. I recommend them to anyone trying to organize their small business."


Every business needs a presence on the web.  Your small business deserves to have a custom site that everyone can access.  Whether you need to build a site from scratch or need an update on your existing site, our team can help.  We manage all of the technical headaches so you don’t have too.


In today’s world of social media, sometimes the best marketing is through a social media platform.  Our team at Division J can create and manage all major social media platforms.  Let our team develop a posting schedule with selected content and watch your customer base grow. 


We specialize in ensuring your business operates at peak efficiency which means more revenue for you and better products for you customers.  Let our team do the strategy and planning so you can focus on delivering the best product or service.

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We show our clients how well things are working. We provide reporting on your site's performance – translating a mix of complicated stats into understandable takeaways and actionable advice for your business to follow.

Content Creation

If you are struggling to create content for your website we can help. Our custom content creation takes your service to the next level. You tell us what you want the site to look like and what it should contain and we will handle the rest.

Website Care Plans

To ensure your website's security, plugins and appearance stay up to date; we offer monthly and yearly maintenance plans for your website. These plans not only offer troubleshooting and updates to your site but come with a fixed number of hours dedicated to updating and changing content each month.

Domains & Hosting

We handle all your domain and hosting needs. Have a domain in mind - we will purchase and set it up for you; already have one - even better! We also handle all of the website hosting needs with efficient WordPress hosting.


Backups are a must-have for every type of website. Our hosting platforms performs backups for up to 30 days - want to backup even longer, let us know and we can set-up that up as well.


Running a business can be tough, our experienced staff can help guide you through the intricacy growing a small business and leveraging the power of your new website and/or social media platforms. We are always available to answer your technical and strategic questions.

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Let Division J take care of the technical headaches so you can concentrate on growing your business!

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